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Thursday, 27 October 2011

27th October

Well this is the second day, I was up until well past midnight last night getting this far and I was quite surprised to see that the blog is still here this morning. The only thing is that I can't remember how to post my web address as a live link but if you are reading this you must have found it so some kind person must have pointed me in the right direction. It's hard work this blogging lark Ha ha ha


  1. oh no another one hooked!!! Well done and welcome to blog land.
    Ann xxx

  2. Well done Trish, you will soon be hooked.
    Welcome to blogland.
    Christine xx

  3. Well done Trish and welcome to blog land.
    Wanda xx

  4. Welcome to blog land Trish, I am sure you will get hooked very soon. Love your card
    Beryl x